Shale Oil's Dangerous Journey Across America

Oil by rail: A changing landscape

5 crude oil derailments in 2013. 10 in 2014. 4 within one month in 2015. At this rate, the U.S. is on track to have the worst year ever for derailments involving oil-carrying trains.

3 months after Galena train derailment, booming Bakken still fuels concerns

It was a slow day at the Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort when bartender Hannah Davidson glanced out the dining room’s wraparound window and watched the afternoon sky turn completely black.

VIDEO: Concerns over safety of fuel-carrying trains in the wake of Galena derailment

In the Galena crash, no one was injured or killed and that oil was prevented from reaching the Mississippi River, some are worried that a more tragic accident is bound to happen in this part of the country where fuel-carrying trains roll through on a daily basis

Crude awakening: Amid derailments, Bakken oil sparks debate

Trains hauling crude oil from the rough-and-tumble Dakota boomtowns of the Bakken reserves are raising concerns about public safety amid a number of fiery derailments. But how does Bakken crude begin that journey? And where does it all end up?